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Whisper of Spring: Nature's Grand Awakening

Posted by Brian Trubshaw on
Whisper of Spring: Nature's Grand Awakening

Woodsman's Diary, January 2024
Written by Peter Forrester, Bushcraft Instructor

February, the last days of winter. Whilst mornings in February are still cold, and the nights more so the days are starting, slowly to warm up. Whilst out walking its possible to stop and feel the sun warming your face and be happy that spring is very much on the way - even though most of the days are still wet & grey!

Flora: keep your eyes peeled for...

Whilst wandering in the woods keep your eyes peeled for flashes of bright red, like gems on the forest floor you can spy scarlet elf cups (Sarcoscypha austriaca) a rare edible at this time of year that adds a pleasant brightness to any meal. Whilst looking for these little jewels you’ll also notice blue bells pushing their way through the ground ready to carpet the forest in their violet glory.

Fauna: pay attention to the ground... 

With the first flowers of spring becoming visible this is a perfect time to practice your tracking skills, pay attention to the ground around these fresh shoots, any where you find distrubed ground this is likely to be a sure sign that badgers are in the area, pay attention and you may be able to track them back to their sett. If you are out early enough studying the forest floor, be sure to remain quiet and alert, you may even spot a dog fox heading back to his den as they’re out all night at this time of year and are often caught out by the early morning sun.

Find out more about Peter and his outdoor adventures over on his YouTube Channel

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