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Foragers Dump Pouch


Here we have our foragers dump pouch, the perfect companion to carry with you on the move, a minimal carry when on the belt but a larger container when opened up to carry whatever you may see whilst walking in the countryside - flowers, mushrooms, resources, treats for your pets, beach foraging. You name it the Foragers Pouch can carry it!

It’s designed with the minimalist in mind - we didn’t want it to be too bulky on the belt when wrapped up so we stripped it down to the bare minimum. It’s designed with straight edges as we like to do with all out leather products and it’s become our little trademark over the years, and it’s slightly different to the classic rounded sheath.

It’s built with a premium 1.8mm veg tan leather sourced from a local leather tannery. All hardware is solid brass rivets and press studs, meaning you won’t see any wear or discolouring. The canvas we use for these is an 8oz premium waxed canvas, the 8oz means it’s strong and durable but not too thick in order to decrease the bulk on the belt.

All of our products are hand-made in the heart of England with passion and longevity in mind - we only want you to need to buy one product to do the job because it will be long lasting! The concept behind all Journeyman Handcraft products is items that can be carried to assist you from simple weekends away to life’s greatest journeys!

Measurement’s; 16cm x 16cm x 8cm