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Grayl Millbank Bag Cosy


An old school item for some new school kit. Millbank bags have a long history of removing large particles from water and have been in use in the field since the world war. The grayl is a state of the art purifier made in the 21st century to remove microscopically small things from water. So marrying the two together with a modern take seems a no brainer.

The heavy canvas cosy fits around the grayl to be transported anywhere in the field. When we step out our front door we never know what we will encounter. Sadly it ain't all picturesque blue lakes. Sometimes it's a mossy puddle on the edge of a Marsh land. So running the really dirty stuff through the mill bank allows it to do what it does best. Also it helps the grayl do what it does best, while prolonging the life of your grayl filter cartridge saving it from turbid water.

Old school and new school. High speed meets low drag.

The Millbank bag is made from a heavy 12oz canvas, brass eyelets and adjustable cord allows you adjustability so you can hang you bag wherever, whenever.