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First Aid Kit FAK Belt Pouch


A wax canvas belt pouch for storing and transporting your first aid kit, made from a vibrant red canvas so that it's easy to find during an emergency. The universal first aid cross symbol is also stitched onto the front of the fabric, allowing other individuals to locate and use the first aid kit if required.

The waxed cotton is waterproof to protect your kit, it's also re-treatable so that you can wax your pouch in the future to keep it waterproof and providing the pouch with longevity.

The belt loops allow you to easily carry your first aid kit on you, and makes it instantly accessible. It's an incredibly useful item for outdoor instructors and mountain leaders, but it's also incredibly handy and essential if you are using tools out in the woods, and on expeditions.

Measurements: 16cm x 20cm x 6cm