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The Journey Tool


Our friends and knifemaker at Wilderways, Francis, have done a tremendous job of bringing the Journeyman design into reality. The single layer Macarta handle represent the  green  canvas colour we use in our pouches and packs. The sweeping curve spine was a key feature that really makes this beauty stand out from the rest! 

Handle Material: Micarta is similar to G10 but instead of fibreglass it is layers of canvas that are infused with resin under very high pressure. Micarta has a nice resemblance of a wood grain whilst being a more resilient material.

Grind: Often called the Scandi grind this has become one of the most commonly found grinds on bushcraft and woodcarving knives. As the name suggests it is an incredibly popular grind in Scandinavia. The Scandi is a flat grind generally around 11 degrees per side, although there is no exact angle that a Scandi has to be but generally it is between 10 and 15 degrees.

Measurements: Blade Length: 4" Handle Length: 4.2" Blade Width: 3mm