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Double Sami Coffee Pouch


Here we have the Double Sami Coffee Pouch, which can be used to help with many different tasks around camp. It has an extra pocket on the front to carry additional items such as sugar or powdered milk. Originally used by the Sami of Scandinavia - these pouches are now used by outdoorsman all over the world for organising their equipment. Our pouches have been through several redesigns to make them the perfect size for traveling.

This pouch is made to last and will endure many years of hard use. It’s double stitched with a very strong bonded nylon thread which is water and rot resistant.

Pouches can be made to fitted with zip lock plastic bags inside for food hygiene, the canvas then acting as a protective layer to stop the plastic getting pieced when packing.

Measurements: 4" x 7" x 2"