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The Journey Pack Bushcraft Wax Canvas Rucksack


The Journeyman Classic Bushcraft Pack has a unique and well thought through design that has been through many years of testing and versions to get it to where it is now. 

The idea first came to life after years of visiting the woods and going on adventures outdoors, whilst trying out different canvas backpacks and never truly being satisfied with how the packs performed or how they were laid out.

The Journeyman Classic Bushcraft Pack provides a wonderfully traditional style pack with a modern comfortable carrying system. The layout, whilst still being simplistic, has practical 3L side pockets large enough for water bottles and cook kits, alongside slot pockets at the back of these pouches which are wide enough to take the head of a small forest axe - providing a concealed carry for your tool. It also features a 1L front zipper pouch on the front of the pack, giving you the perfect amount of space for your small essentials which you need access to quickly. The main compartment is 40L which I feel is perfect for multi-day trips, however, different sizes will also be available in the future!

The lid closure with straps gives you options to over-pack the back when necessary, or synch it down tight when you want to go compact.

A strong and reliable carry system provides you with a comfortable way to carry your traditional style pack, meaning you can happily walk miles through the woodland accessing those far to reach places.

After using many different canvas packs over the years, I found a major issue was that they wouldn't hold their frame very well. So this pack has an internal frame to help it hold itself up when sitting on the ground, it also helps it keep its shape when being carried instead of sagging and being uncomfortable.